Privacy policy


Website visitors’ right is always given a priority so that we always implement necessary policy to secure their private information updated when accessing the website. Please read carefully the following provisions listed below. 

Once you log in with your IP, you have to provide personal information including users’ names, account numbers, phone numbers, emails, social networks, or addresses. After finishing those steps, the information about the products is immediately present on your screen and supports your searching process; also, your information will be automatically saved on our data center. Cookies help collect users’ data to support our staff in analyzing customers’ search trends and preferences. Eventually, all we do is to improve our service quality to you every single day. 

Children under 13 years old are recommended not to use the website for some reasons. Any information relating to children at this age detected on the website will be immediately removed. Parents or guardians are encouraged to regulate their children’s searching behavior to guarantee their rights.

SpiderTools is a member of the Amazon Associates Program which allows the website builder to affiliate advertising sites such as,,, etc. One important thing that you should know about is that our website does not directly sell the products. Our mission is to bridge the gap between sellers and customers and try to bring the most buying experience to customers.  

Once you click to buy goods on Amazon you will learn about the return and refund policy provided by the company as well as the supplier. Any items shipped from can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. As a member of the Amazon Associates Program, we do not take charge of this process, but our staff can support you with further information if necessary.