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Best Kitchen Faucets - Reviews and 15 Top Choices

We have researched to find the 15 Best Kitchen Faucets in 2021. These are the top best kitchen faucets on the market that were widely purchased 61,647 times. These are products that were made from well-known manufacturers such as RULIA, WEWE, Moen, DELTA FAUCET, Vfauosit, Kraus, VFAUOSIT, OWOFAN, Kohler, you can count on their product quality.

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The kitchen sink is, beyond all doubts, an area where ease of operation matters a lot. The majority of the kitchens are designer types, and a selection of good kitchen faucets would enhance the kitchen’s environs and add to the functionality.

Generally, the house owners are not aware of the wide variety of kitchen faucets available in the market, and they end up picking up a piece that is just right for their kitchen.

The faucets are made of brass, an alloy of copper & zinc. It is the most widely used material for faucets because of its resistance to soft-water corrosion and calcification with hard water. The Faucets of the present times do comply with water conservation laws. For instance, in the United States, bath basin faucets are limited to 7.6 Litres of water per minute. The tub and shower faucets are limited to 9.5 Litres.

Types of faucets


There are various types of kitchen faucets available as listed below-

  1. Fixed Head and Pull down kitchen faucets

The stores are full of pull-down kitchen faucets with tall necks, spray heads with long hoses that can be detached. It makes your life easier while cleaning the kitchen and forcing the grease through the drain. 

  1. Cartridge faucets

This type of faucet is a mechanism inside the faucet stem which will work as we rotate the control handle. The water will pour down from the spout. As we move the handle, the cartridge directs the way for water to pass over and flow through the spout.

There are two types of cartridge kitchen faucets available on the market- disc type and compression type. The Disc cartridges are arranged in a stack, and the improved design has ceramic discs which do not erode fast and have a long life span.

The compression-type cartridges are fitted in the faucets’ stems with screw-type knobs. These cartridges tend to get damaged with time, and the faucets having compression-type cartridges are less recommended.

The damage to cartridges leads to leakages in the faucet. 

  1. Touch-free Faucets

The “touch-free” faucets are sensor-based. These sensors sense the motion and switch on or off the water supply. While working in the kitchen, your hands are messy to move the controls. In such scenarios, touch-free faucets would be a preferred choice.

These faucets are now gaining importance during Covid 19 outbreak because it is discouraging to touch surfaces where multiple people get exposed to.

Earlier the touch-free faucets were not being recommended because of the misconception related to reliability factors associated with the sensor utilized to actuate the flow of water.

  1. Mounting Hardware

It is essential to know about the faucet assembly’s compatibility with the countertop where it is intended to be fitted. Typically, the counter is done first, and buy the faucet. 

Sometimes, the countertop would limit faucets’ choice because there are faucets on the market that requires from 1-5 mounting holes for their installation. 

If your countertop can not accommodate five holes, you will have to modify your faucet choice for your kitchen.

Buying guides


  1. Spout Height & Reach

The kitchen faucet spouts vary in height and reach. One must consider the use or clear height required so that the utensils do not fault with the spout.

Sometimes the sink has two or three bowls, and the spout may not reach all the bowls. In case the reach for all the bowls is required, then your choosing the fixed head faucet is overruled.

  1. Choose the faucet with ceramic cartridges

The cartridges are the vital parts of the kitchen faucet. Always opt for a faucet

with ceramic cartridges to get trouble-free operation. The Compression

type cartridges get damaged fast and should be your last priority.

  1. Finishes

Choose the finish that matches your kitchen cabinets and elevates your kitchen ambiance. The most common finishes are polished chrome, satin nickel, and bronze finish. Among all these, Chrome is the most durable and easiest to clean. If your faucet gets used extensively, it is your best bet for long-term usage.

Nickel finishes are usually mentioned in the specification as “ brushed”, “satin” or “stainless steel” and have dull shine. They are also prone to fingerprints and water stains. These coatings may wear or chip off with time.

Bronze faucets have a brownish look and are often mentioned as “ oiled’ or “ rubbed” bronze. Here again, the coatings need to be protected, which might chip off or get scratched.

  1. Single-handled over two-handled

Single-handle faucets are much easier to operate and maintain as compared to two-handled. The two-handled faucets commonly are installed in bathrooms with a theme or traditional setting.

  1. Pull-Down Sprayers

Pull-down sprayers are much more reliable and user-friendly. You can reach all the sink bowls, be its two-bowl or three-bowl.

  1. Count Holes on the sink 

You must count the hole on the sink on which the faucet is required to be fitted. The number of holes set the criterion for the selection of the faucet.

  1. Price setting - not too pricey but reasonable

It is very much possible that you might get a better deal for less money, but you would more likely get a low-quality faucet. 

This obviously could be the deciding factor. The faucets are available in the range starting from $50 up to $500 or higher in the case of concept-faucets. 

The primary mechanism remains the same, with improvisation in the material used, the style adopted, and the genre it represents. The high-end might have gold plating added, for instance.

  1. Top brands do matter 

Delta and Moen are the top grosser brands in this segment. The first Delta faucet was introduced in 1954, and by 1958, just four years later, the product was unveiled, and Delta sales topped $1 million.

Today Delta is a widely trusted brand. Delta covers the whole range of products with a lifetime limited warranty for homeowners. Repairs & replacements, if any, will be on a free of charge basis.

Moen was the first to apply motion-sensing technologies to faucets. They are known for their decent customer service.

In addition to the Delta & Moen, Kohler, Pfister & Kraus are the preferred choice for faucets.



  1. How to maintain faucets?

There is hardly any care and maintenance required for the faucets on a day-to-day basis. You should clean your faucet with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner sprayed on it. 

Later clean your faucet again with a soft & dry cloth to get the shiny & sparkling look. 

  1. Are the touchless faucets worth the value?

The touchless faucets are gaining importance in the present scenario. When you have messy hands in the kitchen, and you want the faucet to be turned on 

the touchless function comes in handy. 

Also, in touchless faucets, the wastage of water is brought to a minimum because the tap is designed to turn off the water flow in a specific time, in seconds.

  1. Which one is a better one or two-handle faucet?

Two-handled faucets are considered better because if there is a problem with one side of the faucet, the other can be used to keep the problematic one closed. It works as a main & stand-by system.

  1. What are the main parts of the faucet?

The three main parts of the faucet are spout, stem & cartridge. Mainly cartridges are essential, which are attached inside the stem. The Spout is connected to the stem and controls the direction of water flow. 

How often is the faucet replaced?

Typically 15-20 years is the span for the faucet’s trouble-free operation. Also, it depends upon the type of cartridges inside the faucet. If they are made of ceramic, the faucet will be more durable.

Final thought


The kitchen faucets should be installed, keeping in mind their compatibility with the kitchen ambiance and functionality. The kitchen ambiance includes the color and built of the cabinets, while the functionality consists of the installation and ease of operation. 

If you are constantly cleaning the countertop, then wall-mounted faucets should be preferred over the countertop ones. 

We are hopeful, by now, you are in a position to decide on the Best Kitchen Faucet for your lovely kitchen. Right from deciding on the color that would make your kitchen look better, check whether the faucet’s arc is not above the window line! 

Below is the best FIVE for you, and here are details to enable you to decide faster-

It’s time to buy the Best Kitchen Faucet for your new kitchen or replace the old one to make your kitchen look more attractive.