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Best Drip Coffee Makers - Reviews and 16 Top Choices

We have researched to find the 16 Best Drip Coffee Makers in 2021. These are the top best drip coffee makers on the market that were widely purchased 143,605 times. These are products that were made from well-known manufacturers such as Mueller Austria, Sboly, Ninja, COSORI, BLACK+DECKER, Bodum, Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, Braun, Hamilton Beach, OXO, KRUPS, SHARDOR, you can count on their product quality.

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You have a soft party at home after dinner with your family or friends. Coffee is a drink that you want to prepare for one, then all you have is the best drip coffee maker.

Nowadays, on the market, there are many trademarks with different sizes, functions, prices, and designs of products. Obviously, you also have to think about which drip coffee maker suits you most. 

Through the article, we hope you know how to find out the best drip coffee maker that serves your purpose.

Buying guides


Currently, there are many styles of drip coffee makers on sale, each with particular possibilities, sizes, and styles. Therefore, to find out the most suitable brewing appliance, you need to consider clearly your purpose and requirement.

Avoid the case of bad choices and you have to change many times. To help you look for the best drip coffee maker for your home, we will give some tips based on the criteria below. 

  1. Carafe capacity

Do you just want a drip of coffee in the morning or do you need more than one cup of coffee? Are you just drinking coffee, or do you have your family in need? Determine how much coffee you need to brew at once, then depends on your decision.

Don’t ignore the carafe size as it can get uncomfortable under/over ‘carafe-d’. You will find 4, 10, or 14 cup carafes; 12, is the most popular.

In case you didn’t know, a ‘carafe’ is a drip-dripping jar or container of coffee. You’d better get a machine with a bigger carafe because you DO NOT have to refill it. Some will be brewed into a glass carafe, but ideally, yours will be brewed into a thermal coffee pot. We explain this a bit more below.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed is the best product about capacity.

  1. Programming features

Compared to most coffeemakers, some drip coffee machines can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times, stay hot for long periods before turning off, and more. These functions can come in handy if you’re the type of person who likes to wake up with the scent of coffee or doesn’t want to be bothered by making a cup in the morning. You just want coffee to happen. 

We understand. We are not morning everyone.

Most coffee makers can be programmed to start up at a certain time. However, some of the brews do not need this feature. Determine whether you like this feature or not and include it in your wish list. 

You might consider Bunn HB Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker. It’s very smart and stateful. 

  1. Ability to pause mid-brew  

Some brewers may be paused in the middle, allowing you to pour a glass before it’s done. If you need your coffee has as soon as possible, maybe you want to add this to your wish list. We have looked at some ways to do this. 

You don’t have a job without coffee? You will need this feature.

If you always rush out the door each morning, you can easily forget to turn the coffee machine off. That’s why this feature is so useful.

We recommend you selecting Technivorm 59691 KB Coffee Brewer.

  1. Water filters 

Do you have filters in your kitchen sink? If not, you may be making coffee with low-star water, losing flavor. Don’t be afraid - some coffee machines have a water filter built into the water tank and that makes your hot cup of coffee even better.

Remember that this comes at the cost of replacing filters, so you may or may not. And if you already use a water purification system, you don’t need this.

Primula Burke Cold Brew Coffee Maker PBPBK-5101 is also a great selection for this.

  1. Common overlooked (yet important) factors to consider

Now, many people consider some terms that are easy to ignore but are quite important in making the right choice. Otherwise, let me remind you that we only consider drip machines here - not manual coffee machines (e.g. French presses) or Keurig machines. 

  1. Hot plate Vs. Thermal carafe

The question here is whether you want to be more energy-efficient/taste better or affordable.

Glass carafes tend to be cheaper but hot plates will heat the coffee even further, extracting too much oil and giving it a bitter taste. In addition, the heating plate must be turned on continuously to keep it hot, which uses more energy.

Carafe heat (or steel) keeps the coffee at the optimal latte temperature of 195-205 degrees for 1-2 hours, some believe it will retain the better taste. It saves some energy in the process. But, they tend to be more expensive.

Gold standard = carafe heat. If you are serious about making drip coffee that tastes great every day, you need a coffee maker with one of these. Here is a complete list of the best thermal carafe coffee makers.

  1. Do you have a coffee grinder already? 

If you like freshly ground coffee, you have two options: Choose a machine with a built-in grinder or buy a separate one. While a coffee machine with a built-in grinder is usually expensive than a coffee machine without a grinder, it can still save you more money than buying a separate blender. In addition, having both machines in one will save access space. 

But grind coffee in general is doing a better job of grinding, and you can grind for another brew style. Some coffee drinkers claim having a particular grinder is a must for the best taster and best coffee size grounds.

If you are a stickler about the absolute best, or you want to experiment with a different style of brewing: buy a separate blender.

  1. SCAA certification 

The Specialty Coffee Association of the United States is evaluating, testing, and certifying coffee makers including drip coffee makers. When an agency like the SCAA has a seal that approves something; you know that you are looking at coffee makers according to industry experts.

‘Developed by professional coffee science experts and coffee tasters, this program evaluates coffee makers designed for home use to determine if they meet the stringent requirements about the quality of brewed coffee according to SCA’s regulations or not’ - SCAA.



  1. What is the best temperature for a cup of brewed coffee?

Commonly, you should use water with a temperature of about 195-205°F when making your coffee. For us, boiling the milk to a special temperature is such a directive ingredient to your coffee cup.

  1. How do I remove coffee stains from my thermos stainless steel?

Fill the stained carafe with boiling water and add a dishwashing liquid. Leave it on overnight. Wash it off the next day. 

  1. What is a coffee filter?

As the name suggests, the coffee filter (also known as the drip coffee) is made by hot water passing through the roasted coffee. We get strained coffee by pouring hot water over the roasted coffee place in the filter. Gravity works here. 

The method extracts flavors, colors, and aromas from ground coffee and dissolves them in water. This is commonly referred to as mining. 

  1. Why don’t I get 12 actual cups from my-12 cup coffee machine?

In the US, 6 ounces not 8 ounces, although no one drinks such small cups of coffee. 

  1. What are the good points of a drip coffee maker?

  • Easy to use

It’s almost impossible to find a machine in this category that is not easy to use. If you can read the simple setup instructions and have the basic skills needed to measure water and coffee grounds, you’re PUT OUT!

  • Drip machines are inexpensive - unless you want them to

You can find a drip machine for under 20$. 

  • Many drip machines are programmable

For example, you can set multiple models to start brewing beer at a given time. Many have features that allow you to play with factors like the amount of water and the temperature.

  • They can brew coffee in large quantities 

French press, pour-over, and aero press are popular brewing methods, but they are limited to one serving or 2-3 small cups. If you have many people or you have a large family drinking a lot of coffee at the same time, the drip machine allows you to brew up to 12 cups at a time.

Final thought

Drip coffee makers have excellent advantages as brought up above, it deserves to be one of the most useful devices in your kitchen. It helps you have a delicious coffee cup at your home. You don’t worry about whether it's safe. 

Above we helped you realize that the best drip coffee maker suits you. Below are other suggestions for different criteria.