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Server Support and Consulting

Server Support and Consulting

Server Support and Consulting

Areas of Linux Consulting Support:
Basic Server Management - We can provide support for managing servers in the workplace including all of the requirements for networking, disk management, users, quotas, processes, performance issues, specifics for various kinds of servers, etc.CentOS or Ubuntu
Linux Terminal Servers - We have been managing and providing support for LTSP in school systems for 10 years. The use of diskless workstations and the technology related to Network File System are a great way to provide a robust reasonably priced network.
Postfix Mail Servers - Postfix is one of the most secure and manageable mail servers on the market. We provide support for Postfix, Dovecot, SquirrelMail, Spamassassin, ClamAV and other programs used to maintain and secure your mail server.
Nagios Monitoring - Supporting Nagios for monitoring Linux and Windows servers as well as monitoring switches and routers. Support includes help with active/passive checks and graphical views of Nagios data.
Apache Web Servers - The Apache Web Server is an extremely flexible resource. We provide support for Apache as well as specific implementations of Apache with PHP and MySQL as they are implemented within Joomla content management and Wordpress blogs.
Squid Proxy Server - We can help you set up and maintain a Squid Proxy with transparent connections or authentication and build content management using DansGuardian or ACLs to manage user access.
DHCP Servers - Manage and configure DHCP so that your IP Addresses are available to your network automatically.
Samba Servers - Using Samba as a File Server to integrate Windows with Linux servers, implementing security and virus protection in the process.

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Server Consulting

We provide professional consulting and outsourcing to provide the resources you need.

1 Hour Nagios Consulting - $150.00

5 Hour Block - $700.00

10 Hour Nagios Block - $1,300.00

20 Hour Nagios Block - $2,500.00

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