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Live Bash Shell Class

Live Bash Shell Class

Live Bash Shell Class

Our 8 week Bash Shell Scripting Class includes a 500 page manual with step-by-step instructions for scripting, 121 videos on how to learn scripting, and 16 hours of live instruction with an experienced administrator.

Bash Shell Class Outline

Finding Help, Compiled Language vs. Shell Script, Script Shell Portability, What the Bash Shell Does, Interprets Commands, Enable Pipelines, Input/Output Redirection, Sets Variables, Customize the User Environment
File Permissions and Attributes
Filesystem Standard, Pathnames, File Types, File Permissions, Change Ownership, Access Control Lists, File Attributes
Editing Files and Writing Scripts
The vi Editor, nano
Shell Scripts
Anatomy of a Script, Learn How to Use Variables, Positional Parameters, Arithmetic Expansion, Command Substitution, Array Variables, Wildcards, exit codes, Functions, Function Library, Function Chaining, test (Test Files, Test Text String, Test Permissions, Test Integers, Test Multiple Aspects), Flow (For Loop, While Loop, Until Loop, Break and Continue, if...then, if...then...else, if...then...elif) , case Statement, select menu, Automating Scripts, Builtins, Command Evaluation Order, Signals, Tracing System Calls, Debugging Shell Scripts, Security Issues, Daemons, SELinux, Building a Script
Searches with awk, Variables, Operators, Standard Functions, Output of Print and Printf, awk Scripts, Multiple awk Usages, Output Redirection, Arrays
sed Basics, Line Addressing, Substitution, Using Variables with sed, sed Scripts, Using sed in Shell Scripts
grep Options,Searches, Recovering Lost Files with grep
Regular Expressions
Features of Regular Expressions, Case Sensitivity, Metacharacters, Position Anchors, Backreferences, Character Classes, Matching Ranges of Characters, Quantifiers, Negating a List, Matching Whitespace, Shortcuts, Parentheses
Stream Filtering Utilities
stdout redirector, stdin operator, stderr redirector, tee, cat, tac, cut, paste, join, sort, expand, unexpand, nl, streams, head, tail, od, uniq, wc, fmt, split, tr, xargs, pr, ls, stat, file, cp, mv, mkdir, rmdir, rm, touch

Bash Shell Projects

Project 1: Implementing Color in Scripts
Project 2: Log Parser
Project 3: Sed
Project 4: Mail Server Stress Test



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