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CentOS Self-Directed Course

CentOS Self-Directed Course

CentOS Self-Directed Course

The CentOS Self-Directed Training contains 1300 pages of documentation and 188 videos with voice, This training is updated for CentOS 5.x and 6.x. VMWare image for training on your desktop, self-assessment testing scripts to evaluate success and 185 STEP-BY-STEP LABS. This is a comprehensive package designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced level with step-by-step instruction. New content is added each week. Currently adding a MySQL Course.

3 CentOS Manuals Provided

Linux Basics Server Management Server Daemons
Linux Prompt Text Editors: vi and nano SELinux
Understanding Users Boot Process Apache Management
File System Management Managing Services Apache Security
Diagnostic Tools Process Management LAMP Server
Navigation Managing the File System MySQL Basics
Text Manipulation Managing Users Squid Proxy Server
Locating Information Managing Quotas VSFTP Server
Creating Backups Managing System Logs Network File System
Managing Automation Managing Hard Drives Postfix Mail Server
Networking Managing Backups Dovecot
Basic Commands Managing Automated Actions Samba - File Server
SSH - Secure Remote Access Managing Updates DNS Server
Webmin Security Basic Networking DHCP Server
Webmin: Remote Access Basic Iptables
VNC Remote Access Nat Iptables
SSH Secure Remote Access
Kernel Development
X Window System
Server Security
Server Performance

Video Examples

vi: Using the Unamed Buffer
Yum Priorities
Rsync: With Excludes

Together these step-by-step lab manuals provide an excellent reference for the budding administrator. This combined with real-life lab projects and Flash videos makes this the most effective self-paced training you will find.



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