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Bash Shell Scripting Course

Bash Shell Scripting Course

Bash Shell Scripting Course

Bash Shell Scripting
The Bash course provides you with the tools you need to learn Bash Shell Scripting. Students have access to a 500 page manual, 121 videos.

The Bash Shell
The bash shell section provides details on how bash works and how to make modifications to bash to accomplish goals for users and programs.
Interpret Commands
Structure of a Command
Multiple Arguments
Interactive Commands
Command Sequences
Background Jobs
Escaping and Quoting
Command-Line Scan
Enable Pipelines
Input/Output Redirection
Sets Variables
Customize the User Environment
Shell Aliases
Path and Environmental Settings
Working Directory
Text Tools vi and nano

Shell Script
The shell script section shows you how to create shell scripts and shows you many examples for each topic that is discussed. The focus is on creating scripts that you can use as an administrator.
Anatomy of a Script
How to Use Variables
Array Variables
Back Tics
exit codes
cut command
Positional Parameters
Escape Characters
The For Loop
While Loop
Twitter Scripts
read Command
case Statement

There are a number of important utilities which are examined like, find that are very useful in implementing bash shell scripts.

Regular Expressions
The regular expressions section provides the background you will need to use basic expressions and be able to read expressions.
Match Literal Text Strings
Case Sensitivity
Using a dot for One Character
Position Anchors
Matching Ranges of Characters
Negating a List
Matching Whitespace
Stream Filtering Utilities
The stream filtering section provides background information for using stream filtering in bash shell scripts. Here is a list of commands which are examined:tee, cut, paste, join, sort, expand, unexpand, streams, head, tail, od, uniq, wc, fmt, split, tr, xargs, sed, and grep.



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