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Server Consulting

Server Consulting

Server Consulting

Linux Server Consulting and Outsourcing
We can provide support in planning and implementing this process as well as outsourcing for server installation and maintenance.
1. Linux Server Consulting
With more than 12 years of experience in training Linux administrators and consulting with companies implementing Linux we offer several different plans for meeting your consulting needs.
2. Postfix Mail Server Outsourcing
We provide three outsourcing options for Postfix. The Basic Installation will provide you with a robust, secure Postfix Mail Server for your organization. You will be able to add to this domain in the future if you choose to do so. The secure installation is designed to provide secure logins and secure relay for all of your users whether they are local or remote. The Virtual Installation will use either a MySQL database or flat files to create a Postfix Mail server with up to 5 virtual domains, you can add more or contract with us to add more than 20 domains.
3. Nagios Servers Consulting and Outsourcing
We can provide consulting resources for Nagios Core and Nagios XI in the process of setting up Nagios or in working with specific plugins or types of plugins. We also provide outsourcing for those who would like us to either set up the configuration for your organization or provide a complete outsourcing option so you have access to the monitoring but do not have to set it up.
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