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Linux TrainingWe provide practical Linux Training with a focus on the application of skills learned in the live classroom and during student study. Students train on live virtual servers and have the full support of certified instructors during the class through live class interaction and email support. The pace of the training is determined by the student knowledge base and the instructor works with students on an individual basis, training and answering questions. Class time is flexible for any schedule and can work at anyone's pace. Each of the specific skills students will learn are practical application of information that is typically found on the on LPI, Red Hat RHCE or Linux + Certifications. Though this is not a certification course the skills learned will help in certification.

Nagios Training
CyberMontana Inc./ becomes a Nagios Authorized Training Partner
Live Nagios Virtual Class

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Live Linux Training

Experience - We are currently training almost 150 students a week with our staff. We have been training and provided Linux support for 12 years for small business, schools and individuals.
Printed Documentation - Students of the Live Linux Training classes receive printed Lab Manuals that have step-by-step information for learning and Labs for assessment. These are 8.5 x 11" lay flat bindings so you can work from the manual while on a server.
Videos with Voice - Live classes include almost 200 videos so that students may review information that they have learned and test their learning. These will be valuable resources for future needs for administrators. These are available online to students for 6 months.
Help for Difficult Questions - Live training provides immediate answers to difficult questions and immediate feedback from qualified instructors.
Flexible Class Time - The instructor time is set up to allow complete flexibility with each student schedule and pace.
Instructor Access - Students will have weekly sessions with a qualified instructor to discuss questions and view demonstrations by the instructor on topics of the student's choice.
Live Voice Discussion - All students can hear and speak to the instructor. No phone is necessary as a voice server will be used so that voice service is free.
View Instructor Demonstrations - Students may view a number of multimedia presentations and demonstrations from the instructor's desktop. Linux Training sessions provide the same learning opportunities as a physical classroom setting. Linux demonstrations are live interactive with the instructor and provide the opportunity to ask questions
Linux Training Server to Learn on - Each student will be provided a real Linux server to work on during the class. This provides students with real skill development as they work through the class. Students will also be shown how to use VMWare Player and install a virtual machine so they learn how to build RAID and LVM on a virtual machine and use this a a resource in the future.
Almost 175 Interactive Labs - Students will have 175 labs to complete to develop Linux administration skills. These labs are step-by-step in completing the necessary tasks to become a Linux Administrator.
Unlimited Email Support - Students will have unlimited email support during the 5 weeks so they can ask questions of the instructor. Ongoing Support for Linux Administrators

Self-Directed Linux Training

The self-directed packages provide flexibility for busy IT professionals as they have access to the online portal that contains documentation, videos, and VMWare images of servers for 6 months. The self-directed training packages are comprehensive packages that include 3 manuals, almost 200 Videos and access to our Online Portal. Each of the manuals contains Labs that are step-by-step for easy skill development. The videos are demonstrations of the principles that are learned in the training in the manuals. These videos include voice so the student is able to hear an instructor explain the topic.

Server Management

The Server Administration Lab Manual contains the necessary information to install, manage and secure a server. Topics include: Using the vi Editor, Boot Process, root user, Process Management, Managing the File System, Managing Users, Managing Quotas, Managing System Logs, Managing Hard Drives, Managing Backups, Managing Automated Tasks, Managing Updates, Basic Networking, Webmin, VNC, SSH, Kernel Management, X Window System, Server Security, etc. There are 75 Labs that users can work through step by step. Lab topics cover the whole manual.

Server Daemons

This manual provides a step-by-step process for setting up the services or daemons that you will want to put on a server. The course covers, Apache web server, Sendmail, FTP Server, DHCP Server, Samba Server (file server for Windows clients), Network File System Server, Domain Name Server, MySQL Server, PHP, SquirrelMail, Squid Proxy Server, and Basic Shell Scripting. There are 40 Labs designed to help students in the process of learning how to install these services.