Nagios 2012 World Conference

by AndrewJW on 09/26/2012

The Nagios 2012 World conference starts today and one of the major events of the conference will be the demonstrations of the Nagios 2012 interface by Ethan Galstad. I have been running the beta for several weeks in the Nagios Training classes and the response has been very favorable about the new features. Here is a list of a few to look for.

Nagios 2012: New Features
BPI Version 2 will be implemented on Nagios 2012 which provides easier access to priorities of checks as the priorities are now listed on a tab with hostgroups and services groups. Another feature is that the interface allows for restriction based on user.

A Metrics section provides three ways of viewing service checks, either in a summary, a graph or gauges. This feature encourages better understanding of the data for the service check.

Reports Are 3D
The information in the pie charts are now 3 demensional.

Schedule Email Reports
Now you can schedule reports to be sent automatically which you select. This is a great time saving feature that is a powerful way to provide information to those who need it.

The new Nagios CCM interface has a face lift that replaces the older Config Manager. One feature that has been added is the ability to view 250 service checks or devices at one time. The functionality is basically the same as the old interface just a nicer look and a few new features.

Static Configuration Files
This has been avaiable for some time but now has a GUI access to create static files which will not be altered by the CCM.

Renaming Tool
This tool allows an administrator to modify names of services or hosts in bulk. This is a greate feature for larger installs that have to make corrections and do not want to have to touch each config manually.

Bulk Modifications Tool
This tool will allow you to mofify local settings on hosts and services. So for example, you needed to change max_check_attempts, it could be done through this interface instead of touching each configuration. This is another good option for larger installs that may need to make changes to a number of settings at once.

Proxy Option
There is now a GUI to set the proxy if your system is behind a proxy. The port, address and authentication details can all be entered.

Audit Log
Ever wonder who made that change on Nagios that hosed the system? Now the audit log will help you keep track of changes on the Nagios interface. This will certainly help with problem solving and accountability.

SSH Terminal
Now you do not have to use the command line or putty to access SSH, you can use a SSH terminal with a Java interface.

The NRDS Config Manager will help you build and implement the configuration need for checks on your hosts. The configuration is easy to use and builds the config and then gives you commands to implemnt all of the checks created on your hosts. This feature works with Windows and Linux servers.

Official Nagios Training

Live Linux Classes

Now you can preview our official Nagios training class and see what it's all about.

This ten minute video will show Nagios beginners exactly what they're learning and how they'll be learning it.

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