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by mike on 10/01/2011

Free Nagios Training Support is offered by us both as a way to give back to the Community at large and as a way to help students who have taken Official Nagios Training Courses.  One of my goals for going to the Nagios Conference in St. Paul was to listen to what Nagios users needed in order to use Nagios more effectively.  The one thing I heard repeatedly was the desire for more hands on learning opportunities.  Well, we have decided to make that happen on a regular basis.  We will provide one hour of Free Nagios Training as a way to help support the Nagios community.

Upcoming Class Schedule:

Nagios XI FailOver How To
Monitoring Logs with Nagios

We need your email information to send you a link the class as the class will be restricted.  If the class goes beyond the 15 limit we may use a different format.

Fill out my online form.

The Free Nagios Training  will use GoToMeeting so that people can login and not only view demonstrations but ask questions and discuss options with other students.  Best audio is with a USB headset other options often echo badly.  Class size will be restricted to 15 so sign up for the list to make sure you can get in.

Topics will be considered based on requests from those that come to the sessions.  We will also try to record the sessions for students who could not come to the class.  We will post the links in this blog entry.

Past Topics:

Integrating Cisco Netflow with Nagios XI (notes and video)

Object Inheritance (notes and video)

 Monitoring Microsoft Exchange 2010 (notes and video)

Monitoring Linux Servers/OSX Servers with SNMP  (notes and video)

Installing Nagios Core from a Script
How to install Nagios Core into a CentOS 6 machine using a script.
Monitoring Routers and Switches
Using SNMP for monitoring routers and switches.
 How to Monitor a Windows Machine
This session will demonstrate how to use Nagios Core and Nagios XI to montitor a Windows machine using NSClient++.
 How to Monitor a Linux Server with NRPE
This session will demonstrate how to monitor a Linux server with NRPE, both Nagios Core and Nagios XI will be used  in the demonstration.
How to Set Up a Cisco Router
This session will demonstrate using Nagios Core and Nagios XI how to begin monitoring a Cisco router.

Who Can Attend:
We are going to give priority to previous students of the Official Nagios Training and then open the class to anyone in the Nagios community once those students have had an opportunity.

The class will be held on Fridays (not every Friday) at 3 PM Eastern Time and will last for one hour.

Official Nagios Training

Live Linux Classes

Now you can preview our official Nagios training class and see what it's all about.

This ten minute video will show Nagios beginners exactly what they're learning and how they'll be learning it.

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