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by mike on 10/12/2011

CyberMontana Inc. ( in joint partnership with Nagios Enterprises will provide a 1 hour weekly training session for Nagios. This FREE training session will be provided to help support the Nagios community.

 Class Time and Topic:

Friday November 18 at 3 PM Eastern
The Class session will last one hour and will provide a time for students to ask questions and suggest topics for upcoming sessions.
Using Passive Checks with NSClient++
This class will demonstrate how to set up passive checks with NSClient++.  The advantage of these kinds of checks is that Nagios can be used to monitor a Windows server that is behind a firewall.


The class is open to anyone, however, to listen to the class you will need either speakers on your computer or you can also call in using a phone.  If you want to ask questions you will need to have a headset or microphone.  The best set up is a USB headset (about $10) because the USB does not have the echo in audio sometimes found with other options.
* audio connection
* microphone if you want to ask questions (or you can call on a phone)

 Registration Procedure:

We have decided to make this easy…the code is posted here for the GoToMeeting ID which will get you into the class.  The first 15 to log in will get in class.  Sorry the limit is 15 users.  Here is the code:

The Free Nagios Training  will use GoToMeeting so that people can login and not only view demonstrations but ask questions and discuss options with other students.  Best audio is with a USB headset as other options often echo.  Class size will be restricted to 15.

Previous Topics:
Students can send requests for topics to mweber at and I will review the topic to see if I can set up a demo for what you want to learn.  Topics will be posted on the blog so that you will always know what is in the queue for training.

Monitoring with NRPE
How to Monitor a Windows Machine

The class will be held on Fridays at 3 PM Eastern Time and will last for one hour.

Official Nagios Training

Live Linux Classes

Now you can preview our official Nagios training class and see what it's all about.

This ten minute video will show Nagios beginners exactly what they're learning and how they'll be learning it.

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