Nagios Conference Registration

by AndrewJW on 09/28/2011

The Nagios Conference registration was a great opportunity to get to talk with people.  I spent a lot of time talking with a person from a large company that was testing one of the addons for Nagios Mod-Gearman.  Mod-Gearman is an application that helps you offload the work load on your Nagios server to other workers.  It is all about the ability to scale Nagios in a large environment.  This is one the major advantages of a conference,  rubbing shoulders with people evaluating the same issues that you are because you are bound to learn some valuable information.  There is just so much to know about Nagios.

This company is performing scale as they are dealing with 3 million checks with their Nagios deployment.  It was encouraging to hear that on a large scale deployment of Nagios using Mod-Gearman, it was getting the same positive response that I have found while teaching how to use it in the Advanced Nagios class.  One of the great things about Mod-Gearman is the ease of set-up and the ability to use older hardware as workers.  The other feature that is great about Mod-Gearman is that it is very easy to set up and use.  This provides a rapid method of scaling for situations that occur.

The three hours I spent talking with people at registration was time well spent.  As a trainer it is always important to listen to what people want to learn, the problems they are having and the solutions they have discovered because those are the things we want to be teaching in the classes.


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