Nagios Conference 2011 Complete

by AndrewJW on 09/30/2011

The Nagios Conference just ended with a question and answer session and a promise for a larger conference next year.  Everyone I talked to was extremely pleased with the Conference.  One thing that everyone emphasizd was the time people had to network and get tips from other administrators deploying Nagios.  There certainly was a wide range of experience at the conference.  I talked with admins who had deployed Nagios 2 days before the conference as well as admins who had used the first version of Nagios way back at NetSaint.

Here are the biggest highlights that I experienced at the conference:

The most informative session I went to was from an admin at a large insurance company who detailed, page after page, all of the small things that they did to enhance performance in a large environment.  This kind of information could not be gathered on the Interent or in any other way because of the detail and the scale that it required to attain.  I will certainly put this in place even in small settings just to prepare for the option of scaling.

The time I was able to talk with other admins working on Nagios was really beneficial as I had a programmer give me a tip on perl that I would have not figured out on my own.  I had admins confirm things that I had taught in classes but in a training situation you cannot always try things on the same scale as some of these people.  I have worked with Nagios Enterprises directly in the training area for over a year now which gave me a great foundation to help people with specific problems that they were facing in their environment.  And it was great to see students who had been in classes for Nagios training that were now at the conference.

It was interesting to be able to talk face to face with the Nagios staff who I send email back and forth with daily.  I had beneficial conversations with Ethan Galstad about some of the specifics we are facing with training and some of the things happening to Nagios XI development.

This Nagios Conference was certainly worth the time and effort to attend.


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