Morning Sessions on Wednesday

by AndrewJW on 09/29/2011

I did two sessions this morning which provided some interesting feedback and I learned a few things from people as well.  I did a session on monitoring Linux mail servers and a session on criteria for choosing Nagios plugins.  One thing I learned from a programmer was the difference in impact on a Nagios server whether you are using the standard perl of embedded perl.  Really stuff I should know but didn’t.

One of the great things about the conference has been the ability to walk into any small group and immediately start up a conversation about Nagios and how it is implemented.  There are so many eager people here talking about Nagios it is really a unique situation. I guess I was just surprised at the level of interest.  Having taught Nagios for years, it has given me a foundation for discussions about a lot of aspects about Nagios.  No doubt about it, I am learning a lot as well.

During lunch I had the opportunity to talk with the staff at Nagios.  I just sat down at a table and started talking not realizing who they were.  Of course I exchange email and communicate with them on a regular basis but never had seen them face to face.  Interesting to talk with the staff about Nagios growth and the processes they go through to support Nagios.


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