Last Minute Changes Before The Conference Registration

by AndrewJW on 09/27/2011

After a 2.5 hour flight to Minneapolis/St. Paul for the Nagios Conference, I had a couple hours this afternoon after arriving to work on a few changes for my presentations.  I am using a laptop to virtualize Nagios Core, Nagios XI and a Postfix mail server for the first presentation.  This can offer a few challenges in terms of resources for a laptop but it is working OK. I am providing a slide presentation with demonstrations from the live Nagios Core and XI instances.  My goal in this presentation is to demonstrate the flexibility that Nagios has in terms of how to monitor critical services on a mail server.

These type of training sessions are tough because you never know the level of skill that may be in the class and the classes do not last that long, only 50 minutes.

Since this is the first Nagios conference in the US there is a lot of anticipation to see how it goes.  I know attendees will get a lot of resources because they are providing PDFs of the conference and access to videos of all of the sessions. That will be a great resource as there are 4 sessions at a time during the conference.

Well, I can hear people in the atrium as they prepare to go to registration.  Sounds like people very interested in the Nagios conference.  The conference should be full as they sold out.


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