Afternoon Sessions on Wednesday

by AndrewJW on 09/29/2011

One of the highlights of the conference was to listen to some of the new features and get a review of current features with Nagios Core and Nagios XI.  Ethan Galstad presented an interesting session that demonstrated some of the upgrades that will occur with both Core and XI.  Most of the people that I have talked with here are using Nagios Core, which is interesting.   So most of these people have good skills at the command line and have been working with Core for a long time.  It was encouraging to see that Nagios is putting new emphasis on developing a number of issues with Core, mostly under the hood stuff, that will increase speed and reduce resource usage.  This is something everyone wants when they begin to scale Nagios.

The Nagios XI feature that I hear most people request is automated reporting.  This is where you can set up who, when and what people will get automated PDFs sent to them to review.  It is great news to hear this is in the testing phase and will soon be rolled out.

I also talked with Ethan about updates on a bug issue or two that have been resolved and will be fixed in the next release so that is also good news on the XI front.

Understanding better the Nagios XI reporting and alerting features will be a project for me in the near future as the presentation clearly demonstrated aspects that I did not know existed.   So I will document these and pass them on to students.

Again, it is great to be able to talk shop about Nagios to everyone at the conference.


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