3 Devices that Make Travel Time Effective

by mike on 08/25/2012

3 Devices That Make Travel Time Effective

In recent months I have been traveling a great deal more with training/consulting projects. One of the major issues with any travel is time usage in the uncomfortables spaces of an airport or squarshed into the space of an airline seat. The challenge is how to use the time in those spaces effectively. Here are a couple ideas that have worked for me.

1. Go Small (Sony Vaio)
In order to use the necessary tools to get something useful done you need to downsize the equipment that is normally used. One of the required tools for much of my consulting is a laptop that can virtualize several operating systems. Once you get to a company, often times you will need to trobuleshoot issues, which means you have to have a way to recreate the issue and then work on solving the problem, which means a laptop that can run a Linux or Windows server. A lightweight laptop that can run two virtual machines is expensive but worth it in the end. I use a Sony Vaio with 4 GB of RAM. I can make presentations and virtualize several machines at the same time. In reality I would rather have a larger machine, but travel means going small in order to have the resources available.

2. Be Independent (Verizon Hotspot)
There is nothing more frustrating that getting to a Hotel or airport that either the Internet is down or so overloaded it is not useable. As a result, I carry a wireless hotspot with me from Verizon. It provides me access at any time and basically anywhere. Getting work done often requires connections to other networks as well, including using VPNs. The wireless hotspot has saved me many times.

3. Go Digital (Kindle Fire)
As I have written 15 manuals consisting of over 5000 pages, I cannot take a paper copy of that material along. When it comes to training or consulting it really helps to have a paper copy that I can pull out to reference. However, it is no longer feasible, so I purchased a Kindle Fire and put all of the documentation on PDFs. This is a useable situation where I can reference all of the material I need from the Kindle. This is a solution that is required if you are going to travel and have access to documents.

These solutions help me use the uncomfortable times more effectively so that I am not always scrambling so hard when I get back to the office.

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